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A Social Media Marketing Plan

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to get your social media marketing planned for the month or even the day? Having a plan in place will help you check this off your list and move on to tasks you love.

Here are some quick tips to plan our your marketing in advance with less stress.

1. Don't post natively on apps (most of the time).

Use a posting app so you're not posting in real time and taking time for each single post. It's easy to get distracted when you go to each platform to post.

2. Engagement is key!

Block out time in your calendar to engage with your audience on each platform. Make sure to comment on other accounts, respond to messages and like and/or reply to comments.

3. Batch create your content.

Instead of creating one graphic at a time, create graphics in bulk in a software like Canva and upload and schedule in one fell swoop. 


4. Try creating and scheduling your content in the time of day that you feel most creative.

The content you create will be your best content, flow more easily and likely garner better engagement, all by making this simple shift. 

If you're interested in more support with social media marketing planning and strategy, I offer periodic planning workshops with my coaching clients as a part of the work we're doing. Streamlining, delegating and creating efficient strategy is one important step in opening the way to more growth and ease in your business. 


*This post contains an affiliate link to Canva.