The Space Between Us Embodying and Manifesting

My friend Cait Scudder shared this gem in our mastermind call the other day. She said, "Energy is strategy."

Mic drop, am I right?

How many hours have you spent strategizing because you just know that if you find the "right" strategy, your next level of success will open wide? I know the answer for myself--hundreds of hours over many years.

For so long, I knew that being in the right mindset was essential to my success, but I couldn't hold the energy. I was excited and feeling amazing about what I knew was coming one minute and then an hour later I was down in the dumps, lamenting that it would never happen for me. 

I was right. It couldn't happen for me while I was still unable to hold the faith. 

There is a gap between the time when you really begin to embody that next level of success and when it manifests physically in your world. It takes time to bring the right  customers along on the energetic journey and for things to formulate around you.

When we shift our vibration to a higher level, it isn't like turning on a light and suddenly everything we wanted is right there. We have to hold the space and have faith, knowing in our hearts it is coming together. I also believe that when we level up and raise our vibration, it has to come together because the potency of that energy needs to physically manifest. 

The water in a cup overflowing has to go somewhere.

That level of trust and faith is what true embodiment is. It's unshakable. Whether you have a great day or a terrible day, you know it is for you and it is coming together. 

We all have down moments or days. Embodiment requires us to allow ourselves to process our feelings, rather than trying to bypass them. But the underlying belief remains and we are able to process through and get back to a place of hope. 

One quick way you can help expand your capacity to hold the space is to be aware of how much meaning you are giving to everything that happens in your life. Not landing the client you thought was coming to you can be just that. So often, when we're intentional with our energy, we fall into the trap of assigning meaning to everything that happens. Not signing the client does not mean you aren't meant to do this work. It just means that client isn't for you right now. 

Give yourself the gift of letting things just be what they are and noticing. Notice the good, notice the less than good. Ask yourself if there is a lesson to be learned, and then let it go.

Expanding your ability to hold the space for all your dreams to come together, even for just a few moments longer each adds up. And these small strides will get exponentially more impactful the more you practice.