Follow Your Curiosity and Take Action with Natasha Rankin

Season #1

Natasha Rankin coaches introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive women. The Sensitive Business Academy helps coaches, healers, and service providers package their wisdom and expertise into a soul-aligned group program that scales, so they can change more lives while protecting themselves. In this episode Natasha shares her journey to becoming a business coach, and also shares tips on how we can get started on our own journey toward freedom. She encourages us to follow our curiosity and desires. Our desire to make those dreams a reality must be heard and we must take consistent action in order to make them come true! Here are some key highlights to know in today's podcast: Her moment of realizing the potential of her corporate job inspired Natasha to make the move. Take a look at the journey she took to become a business coach The steps we can take to move toward freedom. It's not a choice between being successful and being yourself. Natasha's journey to where she is today, and the lessons she learned by following her intuition. Acknowledgement and action: how to distinguish them. Key Takeaway: You will be amazed at how much capacity opens up when you are doing things that are in alignment with your passion and that light you up. - Natasha Rankin Get access to her The Sensitive Business Academy Connect with Natasha: Website: Instagram: Connect with me on Instagram at or my website MAKE SURE YOUR SHARE, RATE THE EPISODE 5 STARS & LEAVE A REVIEW!