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How to Have a Thriving Marriage As an Entrepreneur 

June 15th 10AM PST with replay available


In this Workshop, you'll learn:


How to create a healthy & thriving relationship

Get your spouse to show up the way you need them to, even if you've tried before and failed (and even if your spouse isn't into personal development work).


One of the biggest blocks to receiving the support you desire and how to work through it

Clear and concise conversation around what is really holding you back from getting the support you desire and my favorite technique to use with clients to shift your trajectory.


Ways to feel connected in your marriage with busy lives and kids at home

You don't have to wait for life to calm down to find the connection and recognition you crave in your marriage. Spoiler alert: it doesn't ever really calm down. Leave the workshop with steps to incorporate connection and communication in the midst of the busyness. 

PLUS, Live Q&A to get your questions answered

“Marriage doesn’t make you happy,” says Harvard psychology professor and happiness expert Daniel Gilbert. “Happy marriages make you happy.”

Being married takes work and doing productive work can lead to a ridiculously happy marriage.

We still have occasional fights. We still deal with stresses in work, family and life. Sometimes my house is messy and I forget the one thing I went to the grocery store for.

The constant is this: I wake up every day incredibly grateful for my husband, our relationship and this life. That kind of deep gratitude is reaffirmed for me daily and I want it for you too.

What if time in your marriage felt relaxing, nourishing and deeply restorative?

  • Whether you are stuck in the same communication patterns and need something new to try or you're just getting started in your marriage journey and want to make sure you're setup for success, The Rich Marriage Workshop will give you empowered steps to take that will support you and your spouse. 
  • Join me in a paradigm shift where your marriage serves as a foundation and launchpad for increased success in your business and more joy in your life.
  • Micro-shifts create a ripple effect and making some small changes can begin to shift the whole dynamic.

A Note From Tiffany...

Marriage gets to be deeply nourishing, supportive and fun.

This why you'll hear me talk about my marriage serving as a launchpad for my business and being my favorite relationship in my life. It is the foundation of so much good. 

I've been married for over a decade, worked as an entrepreneur the entire time while having 2 kids and growing immensely personally and together. I am passionate about helping women like you make small shifts in their life to have huge impact in the way they experience their lives. 

I want you to wake up with so much gratitude for the life you're living. If you're married (you probably are if you're here), it is one of the cornerstone relationships in your life and healing and expanding your connection opens up a new level of joy to experience that will permeate throughout your life.

What others have to say about Tiffany

"Tiffany is a powerful guide and facilitator. Her capacity to hold all parts of you while navigating big questions - whether it’s career, parenting or marriage, is invaluable. Her laser sharp focus to see the ways that we are holding back/afraid and her incredible heart to move us through, as a couple is life giving."

-Dr. Maura Moynihan


Disclaimer: I am not a marriage counselor or therapist. I am not providing diagnosis or professional clinical advice. What I am sharing is what I have learned with more than a decade of experience in marriage and entrepreneurship.